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We're Variti - we block bots

At Variti, we are all about making the online world a safer place for its users by blocking bad bots. We are innovative, detail driven and extremely passionate about our work and mission.

Our innovations

We help online services and businesses to detect and block unwanted bots.

We specialise in proactive security technology that protects against all types of automated abuse: simple and broad bot activity, targeted and orchestrated attacks at Layer 7 as well as evolving fraud techniques that target the most critical user touchpoints.

Our mission is to empower people and organisations to harness the power of the internet without a risk of cyber crime.

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Our blog offers news and insights from the internal team - all linked to automated cyber attacks, bot mitigation and DDoS protection as well as more general cyber security topics.

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Add Variti to your security set up and block all bad bots whilst ensuring that genuine requests are unaffected and get through smoothly.

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