Block bots to protect your business and customers

At Variti, we use our Active Bot Protection technology to ensure that every bad bot is blocked whilst all genuine traffic flows through smoothly.

Block bots to protect your business and customers
A graphic that shows few people accessing site and only one bot - people get through and the bot gets blocked.

We do not block IPs

We block only malicious automated requests but never IP addresses. This approach ensures that all the legitimate requests, coming from the same IPs, are not affected.

This allows businesses and public Wi-Fis to work without any interruptions, even under severe DDoS attacks.

We check every request

Active Bot Protection algorithms detect and stop from a single to an overwhelming number of malicious bot requests in OSI Layers 3 & 4 as well as the application layer (L7).

This means that no cyber attack goes unnoticed, no matter how small or smart it might be.

0 Tech - check every request
Graphic showcasing time axis and Variti blocking bots immediately, without having historic data

We use real-time data

Our technology provides full protection instantly and in real time, starting from the first request. We don’t need to spend weeks collecting data to start protecting your business and be efficient, instead we check headers in real time.

This real-time defense ensures a full online service availability for legitimate users at all times. 

We fit in your existing infrastructure

Active Bot Protection is very easy to set up and does not require you to adjust your processes, infrastructure or practices. Just add our solution to strengthen your overall security setup. 

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Quick and easy setup

Have the Active Bot Protection up and running within a day. All you need to do is supply us with some basic information and change a DNS record.

No fine-tuning required

Our technology automatically checks headers in your traffic. However the control panel allows you to make adjustments if you wish to.

PCI and GDPR compliant

We ensure you can hit the ground running quickly and easily, without making changes to your existing processes or policies.

Use our technology for your needs

Active Bot Protection can be used to mitigate any automated cyber threats. Choose what service coverage suits you best or get it all to ensure highest level protection against all types of bot attacks.

Not sure which option is for you?
Our security audit can help.

We offer customised cyber threat tests to provide you with all the necessary information. You can choose from simple checks to in-depth simulations. The final threat report will expose your security weaknesses and suggest actions for protecting your business.

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Our team is always here to help

We will be more than happy to supply additional information or answer any specific questions

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Start blocking bad bots today

Add Variti to your security set up and block all bad bots whilst ensuring that genuine requests are unaffected and get through smoothly. 

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